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Driven by a combination of factors, including increased demand in Food Processing, Horticulture, Floriculture, Consumer Goods, Dairy Products, Fisheries, Hotels, Restaurants, Research Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals and Warehouses - cold storage demand in the Middle East has significantly risen.
The region is looking for cost-effective and cutting-edge technologies and solutions, just like your brand possesses so that the long-term storage issue is resolved.
Participants can anticipate connecting with key players from diverse sectors including Cold Storage Equipment, Cold Chain Services, Cold Transportation Equipments, Industrial Refrigeration, Alternative Solutions for Cold Storages/Warehouses, Packaging and Labeling Solutions, ERP, Automobile, Commercial Vehicles and more.
This dynamic coming together of industry leaders promises a unique opportunity for networking and collaboration across a broad spectrum of sectors, fostering innovation and synergy within the cold storage and logistics ecosystem.

Why the Middle East (ME)?

The Middle East and Africa's cold chain market is projected to become USD 35.1 billion by 2028 - growing at a CAGR of 7.4%.
The region's geographic location leads to hot and humid weather, which makes it difficult to store and transport goods that are sensitive to temperature.
Also, the expanding population, rising consumer awareness of product quality and safety and the growing need for efficient supply chain solutions have further contributed to the heightened demand for cold chain services.

3 Reasons You Must Take Your Business to ME?


Great Investment

The UAE has invested in cold chain infrastructure, such as refrigerated transport vehicles, temperature-controlled warehouses and cutting-edge monitoring systems. The goal of these investments is to increase the dependability and efficiency of the cold chain. UAE is the leader in this.

Innovation Focused

ME has always stayed ahead in the game of technology, transformation and transition and in Cold Chain Industry too, it is leaving no stone unturned.

Sustainability Criteria

ME sees the forthcoming years driving sustainability. Having the best cold storage sector promotes food security, quality enhancement and crisis management.
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Building a Holistic Approach Towards
the Future of Refrigeration.

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  • Cold Storage Infrastructure Solutions
  • Cold Chain Storage, Warehousing & Facility Management Solutions
  • Cold Transport & Supply Chain
  • Energy Solutions for Cold Storage
  • Refrigeration
  • Retail Display Solutions
  • Sustainable Packaging and Labelling Solutions
  • Temperature Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Cold Chain Robotics and Automation
  • Cold Chain Consulting and Training Services
  • Cold Chain Financial and Insurance Services
  • Cold Chain Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Cold Chain Waste Management Solutions

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